Beautiful, of or without, Color

Takafumi Asakura

The fifth Seattle Art Fair was held from August 1 through 4 at Centurylink Field Event Center this year.  It is a wonderful opportunity for us Seattleites to enjoy contemporary art from all over the world without traveling far.  Inside the event venue, you are immersed with beautiful objects.  Step outside, you can hear the roar of Blue Angels flying above, or you may even have peak of their perfect formation.  I thank late Paul Allen for his vision to create and be committed to grow this event even after his passing.

It was great to see more galleries from Japan than last year.  Welcome back, Yufuku Gallery, Yuki-SIS, and KOKI ARTS! Welcome to Seattle, ex-chamber museum.

Out of so many paintings, sculptures and objects that bombarded my five senses, two artworks stood out in my impression. One was Thinking of Nightfall by Takafumi Asakura, shown as above.  The other was (oh, I forgot to memo the title!) the one shown below by Masanori Maeda. They are both categorized as “Nihonga (Japanese Painting).”  One used sumi ink and the other used Japanese pigments. But that’s about the only thing in common.

To me, the two stands the totally opposite of each other.  One shows beauty with no colors, the other shows the beauty of the color.  And I thank Yufuku Gallery for showcasing this stark contrast.

If you missed this year, please mark your calendar for the next year’s Seattle Art Fair: July 23 – 26, 2020!

Masanori Maeda



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