Bunka no Hi Goes Virtual

Bunka no hi

November 3rd is a national holiday in Japan called Bunka no Hi (文化の日). It literally means Cultural Day in Japanese. 

Every year around this day,  Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington (JCCCW) has held an event dedicated to celebrating, commemorating, and educating the public about Japanese and Japanese American Culture in the Seattle area. 

Due to the pandemic, however, we can’t get together physically this year.  So JCCCW decided to go online!

The “Virtual Bunka no Hi” is not a single day event.  Rather, JCCCW will post a new video every Sunday at noon during the month of November.

The first video, titled as “Seattle’s Japantown Past and Present,” was posted on their YouTube channel on November 1.  You get to learn about the history of Japanese immigrants who came to Seattle, and what the current International District used to look like when it was called Japantown. 

While we are at the crossroads of determining the future of this country, it is worth looking back how this country had been shaped.  This video is one of such many told and untold stories by those people who used to live here. 


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