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Memory of Doll Making in Japan

In this article, a Columbus residence shares her experience of making Japanese dolls while she was living in the US base in Tachikawa, Japan, over 55 years ago. She lived in that country for three years and is surrounded by keepsakes. More than 50 years later, they are still a pleasure. Among them are three …

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Yamaga-City’s Living Tradition

Eyeing of the summer olympics in 2020, the government of Japan is trying to promote tourism beyond major cities like Tokyo and Kyoto. Yesterday I introduced an article about Nara, Japan’s oldest permanent capital. And here I will introduce one about Yamaga-City…. To be honest, I never knew about this city until I read this …

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Dishes that Awaken Your Five Senses

Kaiseki(懐石) is a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner.  A formal tea ceremony procedure that is accompanied with kaiseki, is called Chaji (茶事). Arashiyama Kitcho is one of the most prestigious Japanese Kaiseki restaurants. The CNN Asia Talk introduces Kyoto Kitcho and its master chef Kunio Tokuoka in this video. What makes Kyoto Kitcho so special?  Here …

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