How to Learn Ikebana Online


I’m nervous. My first online ikebana class is happening in two days. Under the current stay-at-home order, obviously it’s not possible to hold a normal class.  But when exactly will we be able to resume one?  As soon as the order is lifted?  Unlikely.  You wouldn’t feel safe sitting close to each other during the …

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Ikebana X Technology

Hello again. The world has changed so much since I last posted a blog.  I really hope you are safe. I stopped writing my blog because I got so busy preparing for one event that occurred on February 27. And soon after the event was over, this “coronavirus” arrived.  It took me another month or …

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Give Flowers a Second Chance

Almost all the leaves are fallen from the deciduous trees.  Flowers with bright colors are gone.  My garden looks so bare.  But wait!  Is there really nothing to be enjoyed now? A small bush of Japanese beautyberry has still clusters of little purple fruits on the branch.  And flower petals of lacey hydrangea have turned …

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Modern vs Traditional in Ikebana

What is exactly the difference between modern and traditional in Ikebana? This question comes up to me once in a while. Is it the design?  But quite often I find so called “traditional”  designs very modern.  Its simplicity, boldness and elegance… Is it the shape and color of the container? Could be.  In old days, …

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What is “Mitate”

mitate, ikebana

When I saw this object at Kyoto Art and Antiques warehouse sale, the tag attached to it said “Sake Bottle.” Why would you need such an elegant design for a mere container for sake, I wondered. I had no interest in storing any alcohol, but I bought the bottle anyway.  I was patiently waiting for …

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