What is Shichi Go San

November 15 is a holiday called Shichi Go San in Japan.  Shichi means 7, Go means 5, and San means 3.  When a girl becomes 3 and 7, and a boy becomes 5 years old, we celebrate it by visiting a shrine or temple dressed up. I don’t know much of the history, like why …

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How Gold is Woven into Obi

In my previous blog post “Wearing Gold – Japanese Way”, I mentioned about my obi that is woven with 24K gold thread. It is not easy to imagine how that is possible with only still photos. Thanks to NHK’s on-demand video, I can share with you how it is done.  The video is available until …

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What Does This Symbol Mean

mulberry tree

When I was in grade school (I admit it was half a century ago), we students had to memorize map symbols.  This symbol means a school, that one means a police station… It was sort of fun, but there was one symbol I wondered why I had to memorize. Hint. See the photo above….Yes, mulberry …

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