What is Shichi Go San

November 15 is a holiday called Shichi Go San in Japan.  Shichi means 7, Go means 5, and San means 3.  When a girl becomes 3 and 7, and a boy becomes 5 years old, we celebrate it by visiting a shrine or temple dressed up. I don’t know much of the history, like why …

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How Gold is Woven into Obi

In my previous blog post “Wearing Gold – Japanese Way”, I mentioned about my obi that is woven with 24K gold thread. It is not easy to imagine how that is possible with only still photos. Thanks to NHK’s on-demand video, I can share with you how it is done.  The video is available until …

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What Does This Symbol Mean

mulberry tree

When I was in grade school (I admit it was half a century ago), we students had to memorize map symbols.  This symbol means a school, that one means a police station… It was sort of fun, but there was one symbol I wondered why I had to memorize. Hint. See the photo above….Yes, mulberry …

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Which Kimono Design to Choose


We Love Kimono Project – 3 The main design of the obi and the basic color of the kimono are determined.   Mr. Nagamura of Mamiya visited both the kimono designer and the obi weaver separately to proceed the next step.  With the kimono designer Mr. Kosaka, Mr. Nagamura discussed how the overall kimono design should …

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