How to Choose from 7 Different “Wisteria” Colors to Dye My Kimono

kimono fabric

For this “We Love Kimono” project, my counterpart in Japan is Mamiya, an Osaka-based kimono shop. Mamiya carries rolls of kimono fabric as their inventory.  I could have chosen one of them and simply had it custom tailored.  There is, however, another way.  You pick a roll of white fabric, choose a base color, and …

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Enjoy Fashion, Kimono Way

Kimono Japanese Culture

During this lockdown period, you may have been asked to participate in some kind of relay, like your favorite book, recipe, poem, etc.  Mine happened to be a kimono relay. As you may know, the shape of kimono is basically the same.  The only significant difference is the length of the sleeves, but the unwritten …

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Let’s Demystify Kimono


The topic of last month’s “Yen for Japan” meetup event was tea ceremony.  Many thanks for those who came. What is the topic of this month?  I think you guessed right. It’s kimono. What does Kimono really look like? What is underneath Kimono? How to put it on? You may have a lot of questions …

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Wearable Art on the Wall

I have always felt awkward when people used a word “art” as equivalent to something that is hanging on the wall.  “What is wrong with wearing art?  Kimono is an art of itself.” That was my unspoken reaction. So it’s ironic that I sometimes make these wall-hanging objects with old obi, or sash that holds …

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Wearing Gold – Japanese Way

Three years ago I visited Mr. Saito in his studio in Kyoto.  On washi paper, he first applied Urushi lacquer. Next he carefully placed ultra-thin gold films on top of it. Yes, the real, 24K gold. Once the gold films were laid out, he brushed off the surface to create intricate patterns. The sheet of …

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