Tea Ceremony

What you would have Experienced at Senses from Japan

At this time of the year, Senses from Japan Spring would be happening.  Last year it was canceled.  This year it’s not happening….. At least can I replicate the 20-30 minutes demonstration that would normally occur at the event on this blog post? Introduction “Welcome to Senses from Japan.  Many thanks to Fran’s Chocolates for …

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Practicing Tea Ceremony Online

tea ceremony online

First Ikebana flower arrangement, and then tea ceremony… Now my two main practices are both conducted online. I use my old iPhone as an external webcam.  I connect the webcam to my computer so that I can see what the webcam is capturing on my computer screen.  Before the class starts, I double check the …

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Reimagining Tea Ceremony

tea ceremony

This old Japanology video on NHK made me almost cry… It’s a rather long video, but I hope at least you watch the part starting at 19:00 and 26:26.  Please let me know what you thought after watching these parts. “The important thing is that the host and the guests get together and enjoy each …

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