Enjoy Bunraku at Home

If there were no lockdown, I would have visited my mother in Osaka and gone to see Bunraku this month.  Well, no theater is open in Japan now.  I just received email from National Bunraku Theater that they have posted one of the most famous Bunraku performance “Kanatehon Chushingura” on YouTube.  At least I can enjoy it on screen at home!

You may wonder that Bunraku is.  Here are some of my previous posts, so that you learn or refresh your memory.

Bunraku ( 文楽) — Puppets that act more lively than human actors

How a Bunraku Puppet expresses its emotions

According to the website, this YouTube video is available throughout May.  Please enjoy it before it expires.  Tonight I have to let my mom know about this news.  Surely she will be excited!

Part I

Part II

Part III 


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