Food is Living

Can you guess what this plant is?  Yes, cabbage.  What a big deal.

To me, however, this cabbage was a surprise.

Having grown up in a city, I always bought vegetables from a shop.  I did see tomatoes and cucumbers growing in my grand parents’ farm, but I also saw the produce being laid out neatly in the boxes to be carried away to the market for resale.  To me vegetables were to be obtained in exchange of money.  Conceptually they were no different from any product manufactured in a factory, like soap, for example.  Once consumed, they are gone. 

One day I put the core of the cabbage in the water instead of throwing away in the compost bin.  A couple of days later little bright green leaf came out of the top of the core.  From the bottom, white root came out.  Intrigued, I planted it in the back yard.

The cabbage in the picture is the one 3 years later.  It doesn’t look like it will generate the same kind of cabbage ball as I purchased at a store, but new leaves are coming.  Last year beautiful yellow flowers came out, and I used them for my ikebana.  More than anything, it is still alive.  Its life is thriving!

I plucked one leaf and took a bit.  It’s soft, very tasty!  If I keep on plucking some of these leaves, rather than cutting off the whole head, will this cabbage continue to grow leaves and feed me year after year?   

I’m not illusioning that I can be 100% self sufficient, but this cabbage has taught me something that I had completely ignored in our modern, convenient but somewhat artificial life. 

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