Give Flowers a Second Chance

Almost all the leaves are fallen from the deciduous trees.  Flowers with bright colors are gone.  My garden looks so bare.  But wait!  Is there really nothing to be enjoyed now?

A small bush of Japanese beautyberry has still clusters of little purple fruits on the branch.  And flower petals of lacey hydrangea have turned to pinkish color.  Just like the cool blue color of its fresh flowers pleased my eyes in the summer, now I can bring the dry flower petals inside.

I chose a Bizen container for the arrangement.  Based in Okayama Prefecture, Bizen Kiln is one of the six oldest kilns in Japan.  Bizen stonewares don’t use glaze, but the temperature gets so high in the kiln that even ash melts, creating interesting marks on the surface.  Its rustic look would go well with the materials.

Why not give flowers a second chance?  Everyone and everything would appreciate it!

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