Go: The Ancient Board Game

At Japan Fair, across the Puget Sound Bonsai Association booth, there was a booth of Seattle Go Center. What is Go?

Go is an ancient board game, originated in China maybe 3000 to 4000 years ago.   It must have come to Japan well before 8th century because by that time Go became popular the Imperial Court.

I remember, in my high school days, there were a group of boys who were playing Go after school.  I was kind of intimidated by them and I have never learned how to play it till now.  In this digital era, when so many video games come and go, this rather simple-looking ancient board game has well alive…. I was intrigued by the very fact.

The Go community in Seattle seems to be quite active. The website of Seattle Go Center lists its weekly schedule.  Their Tuesday program (1 – 10 pm) is “The largest weekly meeting of Go players in North America.”  Beginners can learn Go for free at the center.

I asked Mike, who was at the booth on duty that day, which is his favorite turn.  He placed the stones on the board, indicating that this was the one he once faced at one of the tournaments.  What is the next turn should be?

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