How Gold is Woven into Obi

In my previous blog post “Wearing Gold – Japanese Way”, I mentioned about my obi that is woven with 24K gold thread.

It is not easy to imagine how that is possible with only still photos.

Thanks to NHK’s on-demand video, I can share with you how it is done.  The video is available until December 26, 2010.

It’s a rather long video, so you may want to skip to time 8:35 and watch through 19:50.

To create super fin gold film. 
To create fabric by pasting paper and gold film using lacquer. 
To cut the fabric into thin threads. 
To weave the thin threads into obi…

Each step is an expression of a master craftsman’s pursuit for perfection.

And that’s what brings me utter joy and appreciation when touching my obi.

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