How Many Days Left

In addition to planning how to be, there is another thing I do when I write my journal every morning: I count how many days left for me.

How many days left from when?  The day I die.  I arbiturarily chose that day to be my 100th birthday, because I want to live well until then.  It may not be easy, but not impossible, since I’m a Japanese woman, one of the groups enjoying longevity these days. 

Each day this number reduces by one.  When I started this habit one year ago the number was 14,872.  Today the number is down to 14,507.  Exactly fewer by 365. Time is ticking away.  That means my life is ticking away.

How many more times can I practice tea ceremony, assuming I practice twice a week? 4,150.
Now many more time can I teach Ikebana, assuming I teach one weekend a month? 477.
How many times can I visit Japan, assuming I go there once a year? 39.

Why bother competing against somebody else?  Their starting point is not the same as mine, so is their finish line.

The only important competition is against myself. 

Am I writing better than yesterday? 
Am I serving tea more beautifully and gracefully than yesterday?
Am I arranging more beautiful flowers than yesterday? 
Am I more loving than yesterday? 
Am I wiser than yesterday?

This competition I have control.  This competition will continue all the way to my finish line.

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