How to Celebrate Hinamatsuri in Tea Ceremony

March 3rd, the day of Hinamatsuri, is coming up!

As I explained in my previous blog post,  Hinamatsuri is a Japanese celebration especially for girls.  Since it’s about the season that peaches are in bloom, Hinamatsuri is also called “Momo no Sekku 桃の節句”.  Momo means peach in Japanese.

How do you celebrate this occasion in tea ceremony?

Well, there are several ways.  You can arrange Chabana using plum branches.  Or you can serve Hina arare, sweets made from pounded rice cake or mochi, in three colors (green, pink, and white). 

Or you can celebrate Hinamatsuri with a tea bowl shown in the photo!

I got this tea bowl at the Kyoto Art and Antiques online sale last year. Aren’t the emperor and empress looking so cute?  One of the enjoyment of tea ceremony is to use utensils like tea bowls or tea containers that fit to particular occasions.

COVID-19 still prevents me from gathering with my tea friends, but at least let me celebrate this fun holiday by introducing this tea bowl to you…

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