How to Enjoy Tea in the Summer

Finally the summer has come in Seattle this year.  No doubt it’s the best season here.  To be honest, I don’t think I can ever go back to Japan in the summer and spend any time in its hot and humid weather.

How could people bear that scorching sun or that humidity in old days when there was no air conditioning, you may wonder.  Especially, how could people sit near the char coal and enjoy hot drink?

Well, tea ceremony has taught me that it’s all perception.

On the cold-water container, the usual lid is removed, and a large leaf is placed.  The surface of the leaf is covered with fresh water sprinkles.  Simply looking at the shining water, you feel cool and fresh.

The tea bowl is brought in with called water.  The host takes the wet wiping cloth out of the tea bowl.  The sound that the trickling water makes also gives you soothing coolness.

Now your eyes and ears are tricked!  The heat outside may not have changed a bit, but in your perception, the room is much cooler and enjoyable – That’s how you enjoy tea ceremony in the middle of summer.

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