How to Film Ikebana Tutorial Videos


Now I have held my online Ikebana class for two months, I’m getting used to talking to the students on the screen and looking at their flower arrangements through photos that they send me.  I admit that it is a challenge to imagine the 3-dimensional aspects of Ikebana by looking at these 2-dimensional photos.  But my eyes seem to be also getting used to perceive the additional dimension. 

So far my online classes are limited only to my existing students.  One day, however, I received an inquiry from a person who says “I’m new to Ikebana, but can I register for your class?

I apologized to that person that I don’t offer class to brand new students.  In my email to that person, I casually asked “where are you emailing me from?”

“Minnesota” was the answer! 

Since then, I have been contemplating this idea of teaching Ikebana online to somebody who lives miles and miles away.  How can I satisfy their needs?

If I video tape the very first lesson of Sogetsu Ikebana and post it on the net, then whoever watched it might get the idea of what Ikebana is and what to expect at my online Ikebana class….  So finally I tried the first video shooting yesterday. 

How well did my iPhone capture my Ikebana tutorial?  It will be answered only after I’m done editing. 

If I successfully upload my first YouTube Ikebana video tutorial, I will let you know!

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