How to Learn Ikebana Online


I’m nervous.

My first online ikebana class is happening in two days.

Under the current stay-at-home order, obviously it’s not possible to hold a normal class.  But when exactly will we be able to resume one?  As soon as the order is lifted?  Unlikely.  You wouldn’t feel safe sitting close to each other during the class.

On the other hand, in the last two months of lock down, you might have exhausted cleaning every single corner in your house or have finished binge watching your favorite TV series.  Now what?

The spring flowers in your back yard are in full bloom, waiting for you to make a beautiful arrangement.  Just because we can’t get together physically, does it mean we can no longer enjoy ikebana together?  That’s not right!  We made  Ikebana X Technology a great success.  Why not make use of technology that’s easily available now?

Without thinking too much, I invited a small group of my long-time students to be my Guinea pigs for an online ikebana class trial.  Fourteen of them signed up.  The prep work has turned out to be much more challenging than I originally thought.  An iPhone was not enough!  I scrambled to get necessary equipment and learned how to use necessary software (I’m not quite sure if I know enough).

My deepest appreciation to you, my dear Guinea pigs, for your bravery and for your tolerance.  I’ll try my best getting prepared for the upcoming class.

I’m nervous, but really excited!


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