How to Learn Japanese Carpentry

Japan's tradition

Two years ago I stumbled upon a Kickstarter project called “Study Woodworking in Japan!”  You can learn Japanese woodworking in English?  Intrigued, I pitched in a small amount.  The project successfully raised enough money to open a carpentry school that spring.

I had a chance to visit the school in Kyoto.  Takami Kawai, a founder of the Suikoushya International Craft School in Kyoto, explained to me how he got interested in Japanese carpentry, that he studies architecture in college but didn’t learn anything about Japanese carpentry there, and that his most precious learning experience was when he worked on Ise Shrine’s Shikinen Sengu

His school had been so popular among people who want to learn Japanese woodworking and carpentry. Students come from all over the world, including Israel, Singapore, Australia.  But this pandemic… I was wondering how his school was affected.

Last week I found his new You Tube video introducing himself and his passion about Japanese carpentry.  He also posts many videos showing his techniques on his You Tube channel.  If you are interested in learning Japanese woodworking, please check it out.

What a surprise to learn that he is a great grandson of a well-known potter and a leader of Mingei movement Kawai Kanjiro

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