How Urushi Artisans Devote Themselves to Lacquerware

Urushi, Japanese lacquer, has history over 7000 years. The sap of urushi trees, once hardened, becomes so durable. Over the years Japanese craftsmen have developed so many different techniques to create so many beautiful as well as functional items.  Those of you who came to see Senses from Japan’s tea ceremony demonstration at Fran’s Chocolates might remember the red urushi plates that were used to serve chocolates.

How is the sap of a tree is applied?  What materials are used?  How long does it take to create those beautiful boxes, bowls, and plates? How do urushi artisans devote themselves to create them?…

There is an opportunity to get answers to these questions you may have!  Heiando America, the US subsidiary of Japan’s prominent urushi maker, is now running a Kickstarter campaign to create the first in-depth English book and a film on Japan’s urushi craftsmen.

By making a pledge, you will have a chance to get this unique book as well as obtaining their beautiful urushi products.

Visit their Kickstarter campaign page for more details.  The campaign is through November 1, 2018.


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