Kyoto Art and Antiques Goes Online!

April was a lost month.  Due to the lockdown, our semi-annual event Senses from Japan was canceled.  We usually coincide with Kyoto Art and Antiques’ semi-annual warehouse sale, which was also canceled.

I don’t know when we can hold Senses from Japan again, but I’m so happy to let you know that Kyoto Art and Antiques is now open online, through June 30.  The sale started this Monday at 11am.

Without waiting in a long line to go inside the warehouse, you can browse their collections on the screen at home.  If you find what you like, you can place an order on the fly, pay with your credit card.  Unlike Amazon, however, you have to actually visit their warehouse to pick up your purchase item at the front door.

You may want to check their site every day because new items are added each day.

Looking for an ikebana vase? A cool-looking haori for a jacket? A set of plates perfect for your Japanese cuisine?  Or an art to hang in your living room? Enjoy browsing!

(But please don’t bid on the same thing I’ve found!)

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