Modern vs Traditional in Ikebana

What is exactly the difference between modern and traditional in Ikebana? This question comes up to me once in a while.

Is it the design?  But quite often I find so called “traditional”  designs very modern.  Its simplicity, boldness and elegance…

Is it the shape and color of the container? Could be.  In old days, there seems to have had only certain types of flower containers.  But today you see them in so many different shapes, materials, and colors.

How about the choice of materials?

Nowadays, if you go to a flower shop, so many flowers are available all year round. Flowers that bloom only in the summer in Seattle could be available in the middle of the winter.  They may be transported by air from the other side of the globe.  Or they may be grown in a high-tech green house.  Mixing and matching materials that wouldn’t have been possible without such technological advancement could be called modern.

Out of these three arrangements, which one would you call modern and which one traditional?


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