My First YouTube Video-How to Make a Basic Ikebana Flower Arrangement


It was not easy.  I had to retake the video because the first one didn’t look good.  It was messy.  My home office is not quite equipped to shoot a video.  It took much longer than I first expected to learn how to use iMovie. 

But I made it anyway. My first Ikebana Japanese flower arrangement tutorial video.

As I mentioned in my previous post, this video was intended to introduce how to make an Ikebana flower arrangement to brand new students.  I tried to replicate my demonstration which I used to do for the first-timers to my Ikebana class at Fran’s Chocolates. 

If you are interested in Japanese culture, have never tried Ikebana before, and if this video has made you want to try it yourself, then my mission has been accomplished.

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