How to Express Gratitude with Ikebana Flowers


Somebody is leaving town. A very special person whom I worked on this project with. It’s time to say good-bye, and I’m supposed to say it with Ikebana flowers this weekend.

During this coronavirus pandemic, I avoid going shopping as much as possible.   The only flowers I have in my back yard now is lacy hydrangea.  What can I do with it?   Then I came up with this idea.

In Japanese, there is a phrase “kubi wo nagakushite matsu(首を長くして待つ).”  It literally means to wait with my neck long-stretched.  Why you have to stretch your neck, I don’t know.  But this expression is often used when you wait for or look forward to someone or something patiently. 

“I will miss you, and can’t wait to see you again sometime in near future.” …. Hence, my Ikebana flower arrangement with a long-neck hydrangea.

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