Seattle’s Hidden Gem for Book Lovers

Are you an e-book lover? Or do you still cherish a paper book?  I’m latter.  And I’m glad to have learned about Chin Music Press at Japan Fair.

At their booth Bruce Rutledge, the founder of Chin Music Press, showed me a couple of books that were published by them.

Kaibyo (怪猫) : The Supernatural Cats of Japan is “An in-depth exploration of the sometimes charming, sometimes gruesome feline creatures and ghosts of Japan.”  Now I remember my mother used to say, “I never like cats because I’ve heard so many scary stories growing up.”

Yokohama Yankee is “the first book to look at Japan across five generations with perspective that is both from the inside and through foreign eyes.”  I was fascinated by the author’s and his family’s experience in Japan, which was so different from that of my family’s.

The cover of each book is beautiful and intriguing.  The texture of the paper gives you pleasure of touching the book.  It’s quite a different sensation from holding a thin screen.

Authors Showcase on the main stage was a great opportunity to learn background of their work directly from the authors.

In case you missed this opportunity, here is a short video introducing Chin Music Press.  Enjoy!

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