Senses from Japan 2017

Senses from Japan

It started a year and a half ago.

When I pitched to her about my idea of holding a trunk show of Japan’s traditional arts and crafts at their Georgetown store, Fran gave me a go sign right away. For three days, the the contemporary chocolate cafe turned to a pop-up store of Japan’s fine craftsmanship. Including culture performances and a fashion show, “Senses from Japan 2015” drew many people.

A year later, we scaled down the event to simple tea ceremony demonstrations. Fran’s Chocolates introduced their new Matcha drink at the event.

And on 27 (Thu) – 29 (Sat) of this Month, we will be co-hosting another event, “Senses from Japan 2017” at Fran’s Chocolates.  This time there will be Ikebana demonstrations by Sogetsu Mercer Island Branch members! And Heiando America will hold a pop up store of their Urushi lacquerware.

You might wonder what’s the link between the chocolatier and Japan’s traditional culture. Let me introduce to you Fran’s own words:

It has been said that the passion of an artist is found deep within the soul. It is what separates those who settle for good from those who are compelled to see greatness and seek perfection.

These artists have a quiet obsession and intense dedication to create the exceptional. It is soft and subtle, and is rarely noticed upon first glance. It’s only as the art begins to unfold that you get an inkling of the magic taking place before your eyes.

I really appreciate Fran’s deep understanding and support for my passion and love for Japan’s traditional arts.

If you are in Seattle, please come by to this event!

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