Senses from Japan Comes to Whidbey Island

The first Senses from Japan in Whidbey Island was held on June 6.  As a trial, it was a private event with 6 guests.  Two of my friends who are now permanent residents of this island filled with nature and artists helped me put it together. 

The event, I would say, was a great success!  All the 6 guests told me they enjoyed so much.  Both of my friends who helped me said it was wonderful.  And I thoroughly enjoyed it!

The guests were welcomed by my friends while I was going through the final check of the tea ceremony setting.  I made sure to start heating the water so that it would be boiling in time. The lavender lemonade my friend made was a hit.  So refreshing!

My friend who lives in Whidbey longer made a brief introduction of me and Five Senses Foundation.  Why I decided to host this event, why Ikebana and tea ceremony… I had never met 4 of the 6 guests before, so her introduction was helpful.

The first part was an Ikebana workshop.  I wore an apron so that my kimono sleeves wouldn’t be in my way while I was demonstrating.  All the branches and the flowers were cut from the yard of the venue.  Peonies were in full bloom, so were the bearded irises.  The theme of the workshop was how to create a dynamic, horizontal line in a tall vase, using a hidden stick.  What a great idea! Everybody liked learning a new trick. 

The second part was a tea ceremony demonstration.  The sweets were cookies made by my friend, who was also an assistant for me during the demonstration.  I first started the narration, and another friend took it over when I went up on the stage and started serving tea.

First my friend as a narrator was supposed to talk more, but while I was making bowls of tea for each guest, silence took over.  The birds chirping, the leaves singing with breeze, the soft raindrop falling on the pond… There was a lot more to enjoy the moment together.

I thank the owner of the venue (also the guest of honor), my friends, and all the guests.  This was rather a focus group for my future events in Whidbey.  I’m excited to see how the future possible events may unfold in this new place.

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