The Way of Tea in Kanazawa

The Tokyo Olympics will begin in 11 days.  Sadly, not only foreign visitors but also Japanese spectators are excluded from the stadium due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  I feel sorry for all the people in Japan, including local business and volunteers, who were so much looking forward to this event.    No spectators, no tourists to boost the local economy, but still many people have to scramble around until the last minute to get ready for the event.

For those of you who can’t visit Japan, let’s utilize this time to make a good plan for your next visit to Japan when (someday) all the travel restrictions are lifted.

Here is a great YouTube channel to learn about Kanazawa, a beautiful castle town on the side of Japan Sea.  Tomomi-san, a friend of mine through tea ceremony, has started a YouTube channel called The Way of Tea in Kanazawa ,introducing her hometown.

I myself have been to Kanazawa only once for a short trip about 15 years ago.  By watching Tomomi-san’s videos, I’m convinced that I have to include Kanazawa in my itinerary of my next trip to Japan.  I hope you will, too.

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  1. Dear the supporters of Five Senses Foundation,

    Nice to meet you all.
    My name is Tomomi and I am doing a tea ceremony experience for international customers in Kanazawa.
    I haven’t known about Akemi-san’s post for one and a half months, and I am very grateful to read it just now!
    I would like to thank everyone who has already watched my videos.
    Akemi-san, thank you so much for paying attention to the situation of recent Japan and introducing my channel about Kanazawa as one of the popular local travel destinations in Japan.

    Yes, now, the Paralympics are finally being held in Japan, and you must get excited every day.
    The Olympic athletes are definitely great, but as the episodes of the Paralympic athletes’ indomitable courage and efforts to change into hope are released, we are so impressed by them and we sure it was really necessary that both were held.
    Though the event was controversial, I’m so glad to know the potential strength of humans again.

    So, the host country, Japan, has some issues that need to be reviewed due to the cautious theory of vaccines, etc., and needs to evolve after these hard days.
    The tourist destination is much quieter due to the spread of the infection, as it is unattended and cannot welcome foreign guests.
    But such a difficult situation could now occur anywhere in the world, with different problems in different countries, I wonder.
    However, the morning will come after the breaking dawn and the traditional culture, historical city, and natural scenery of Japan stay still here.
    Japanese culture is made by using full of five senses and it is also in ordinary life uniquely in Kanazawa.

    I would be grateful if anyone were interested in my hometown Kanazawa, and if my videos and sites are helpful for someone’s next trip to Japan.
    It takes about two and a half hours from Tokyo or Osaka by train to get here. Kanazawa is said like Kyoto but isn’t as busy as it is and a castle town full of delicious food from the Japan Sea as well.
    Please feel free to think that you are a friend of mine as if we have known each other.
    I am waiting for you in Kanazawa as a city you know a little bit, not a city you do not know at all.
    Thank you so much again!

    Sincerely yours,

    1. Tomomi-san,
      Thank YOU for creating such wonderful videos. I myself am looking forward to visiting Kanazawa once the pandemic is over.
      I’m sure so many people are interested in visiting there after watching your videos.
      Please take care,


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