Time to Sew – We Love Kimono Project 11

Finally both the Yuzen dyeing of kimono and the obi weaving are complete!  Mamiya-san sent me several photos.  The smaller design in on my left shoulder, and the larger one on the bottom front.  On the back the obi’s design incorporates with the bokashi like a river flow.

Mamiya-san asked me when I will be visiting Japan.  According to him it’s best that I see both the kimono and the obi before they are sewn.  It takes about a month to have the kimono sewn, however. I don’t think I can stay in Japan that long.  I asked Mamiya-san to go ahead start sewing both of them, and to keep them until I visit Japan to bring them back to Seattle.

The question is when my next trip back to Japan…. Now I’m a US citizen (and I had to renounce my Japanese citizenship because Japan doesn’t recognize dual citizenship), and Japan is currently rejecting entry of any non-Japanese citizens. I really want to wear this kimono in Seattle this summer.  Will I be able to do that?  Sigh…

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