Watch This Video While It’s Free – What is Mingei

Hamada Shoji

I have stumbled upon this old video on Vimeo.  This was my first time listening to Bernard Leach talk (he would be 133 if he were alive).  He is talking so passionately about handmade pottery.

What is mingei?  Who is Bernard Leach? You may have a lot of questions.  I will try to share with you more in detail in this blog later, but please watch this video while it’s still available for free (until November 1)!

“Human nature is also in love with irregularity.  You can see by the touch, you can know by the touch. Man has enjoyed using clay because it is natural…….. If your heart doesn’t get joy in making, how do you expect people using the thing that you make to have their heart touching?”

Bernard Leach talking in this video (around 9:30)

I hope you enjoy it! My gratitude to Leach Pottery for sharing this precious video.

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