What Coronavirus Has Inspired Me – We Love Kimono Project 1

What Coronavirus Has Inspired Me - We Love Kimono Project 1

Well, the title may be misleading.  There is nothing to be inspired about this covid-19 pandemic itself.  I wish this didn’t happen. 

To be more accurate, the lockdown caused by the pandemic has led me to undertake a new project.

For the first time, I will have my kimono and obi custom-made from the scratch.  Let me call this endeavor “We Love Kimono Project.”

Why I decided to do this now, how this project unfolds, when it will be completed…. I will try to post the details of the project occasionally on this blog.  If you are interested in the process of how kimono is made out of a rough concept, please stay tuned.

The picture is the design I have chosen to be on my obi.  The obi will be made by Katuyama Orimono, a Kyoto-based obi weaver.  The design is called “Islamic Flower” by Rakufulin.  Since the obi will be woven from the scratch, I get to choose different color.  Which color?  Let’s see…

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