What is Kintsugi- Japanese Art of Broken Pottery

kintsugi set

When I broke the lid of my favorite ceramic bowl a couple of years ago, I just couldn’t throw it away.

“I should repair it with kintsugi!” So I bought a DYI kintsugi set at a lacquer shop when I visited Kyoto.    Lazy me, I never worked on it and forgot about it…..

Today I found this BBC video about kintsugi, and can’t help but share it with you.

“Try not to hide what you’ve gone through and your history, even if it was a big accident.  You should embrace it.  And you will be reborn because of that accident.”

The kintsugi craftsman’s message resonates, especially today.  Seventy-five years ago Japan was devastatingly broken.  We didn’t hide it but embraced it, and were reborn…

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