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About a month after the meeting, Mr. Katsuyama made a trial color sample for my obi.  Mr. Nagamura sent me a photo of the sample, which is on the left.

Not only the color of the kimono fabric, he included pastel pink, plus gold thread.  How gorgeous!

I’m sorry, Mr. Katsuyama, but I would prefer the one similar to the original sample on the right.  For this obi, I would like subtle coolness rather than flamboyance.  Gold thread may not be necessary.  I asked Mr. Nagamura to convey my message to Mr. Katsuyama.  I trust both of them modify the course.

The back of the obi textile is as beautiful as the front side.  Such precision with so many thin threads used to weave the pattern!  Once the obi is sawn, you can’t see the back.  I thank Mr. Nagamura for sending me the back photo as well.

This process of making a sample pattern of obi is called “medahi (芽出し).”  A new vocabulary for me.

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