What Tea Ceremony Teaches You Today

tea ceremony

People are angry. They are occupying streets everywhere in the world, demonstrating, protesting, and marching.  People have every right to demand social justice, end of police brutality, end of racial discrimination.

To whom am I to demand? How do I achieve these changes?

Discrimination doesn’t exist on the street nor in the city hall.  It exists in my mind.  Who am I to judge someone is superior and others are inferior to me?

When serving a bowl of tea, I’m reminded that I’m such a tiny existence in the whole world.  Without the grace of the nature, there would be no tea leaves, no water.  Without a craftsman, there would be no tea bowl. I’m dependent on everybody and everything in the world to exist.

Between the host and the guest, there is nothing to separate, except for a simple role to play; to serve tea and to appreciate tea.  Status, age, wealth, ethnicity…. Such things have no room.

Today I make myself a bowl of tea, reminding that it’s me to whom I should demand for a change.

Tea Ceremony

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