Where Can I See This Beautiful Flower Installation

Senses from Japan 2018

My Ikebana teacher Mrs. Mitsuko Hakomori and I set the Hana Guruma (flower carriage) on the floor, and just completed this large flower installation.

This carriage is a loose replica of the vehicle on which Japan’s aristocracy in the Heian period (8th – 12th century) used to ride.  The carriage was led by a bull, not by a horse.

On this carriage, we load lots of flowers instead of the human being. The materials used here are: rosehips, pampas grass, millet, curly willow, sunflowers, and different variation of dahlias.

This kind of installation is often called “Mukaebana”, which means welcoming flowers.

Please come to see us at Senses from Japan – Fall 2017, the three-day event starting today.  This flower installation will welcome you!

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