Which Kimono Design to Choose


We Love Kimono Project – 3

The main design of the obi and the basic color of the kimono are determined.   Mr. Nagamura of Mamiya visited both the kimono designer and the obi weaver separately to proceed the next step. 

With the kimono designer Mr. Kosaka, Mr. Nagamura discussed how the overall kimono design should look like and where to place the obi design.  Two options came up.  I chose the one on the right because it looks simpler but elegant.  Mr. Nagamura agreed. 

In the meeting with Katsuyama Orimono, Mr. Nagamura and Mr. Katsuyama discussed which part of the obi design should use the same color as the kimono.

The challenge is to make sure the dye of the kimono and the obi are the same. 

Mr. Katsuyama will start weaving a trial pattern.

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