Which Tools I Need to Make an Ikebana Art

Now you know the true meaning of Ikebana. You feel like trying it. You want to give a new life to flowers! What tools do you need? Here is a list of things you need for Ikebana.

Three Must Haves

For Ikebana, you need at least these three items:

  • Scissors

The most common type is called Ikenobo hasami (hasami means scissors in Japanese).The tip of the handles is curled up, giving appropriate weight on the handles.  They are mainly made of iron orstainless steel. The size is about 6-7 inches long.

  • Kenzan

The pinfrog is called kenzan. For the container with 12 inches diameter, a round kenzan with 2.5 – 3 inches in diameter would be appropriate.  The kenzan shown in the photo above is called Sun and Moon.  I recommend this type, because often times you will use the moon-shaped one as weight if you use a heavy branch.

  • Container… A round, shallow, flat-bottom container as shown in the photo above is most versatile for a beginner. Twelve inches in diameter is a good size. A square or rectangle shape will work, too.  Any material would do, either ceramic, glass, or plastic.  Make sure there are no holes or leakage!

Also Need to Haves

  • Small bowl… You fill a small bowl with water and keep it beside the container. Whenever you cut a stem, you cut it under water. A bowl with 4-5 inches in diameter will be large enough.


  • Towel… In order to keep your scissors from rusting, you want to wipe out water from the blades after you cut stems. An old hand towel will be handy.

Nice to Haves (later, not now)

Those items listed above are all you need to start Ikebana. As you keep practicing it, the next thing you want to add is a tall, slim container.  With two containers, one flat and one tall, your Ikebana repertoire will drastically expand.

As you further advance your skills, you will find yourself adding such items below in your Ikebana tool kit:  Wires, pins, staples, pliers, gloves, nails, hammers, etc. 

If you google “Ikebana Scissors” and “Kenzan”, you will find many sites that sell these must have items online.  You don’t need expensive ones to start with.


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