Why Fran’s Chocolates Hosts Ikebana Classes

The Georgetown store of Fran’s Chocolates is housed in an old brick and mortar building which used to be a brewery. Anybody who visits the space falls in love with its serene and tranquil atmosphere.

I’m so thankful that Fran’s hosts my Ikebana class in this beautiful space twice a month. I would like to express my gratitude here.

Chabako Box was a Trigger

I was intrigued when I saw at first the Japanese Chabako Box at Fran’s downtown store. Chocolates in a Paulownia tree box wrapped in Washi paper?

Being a Japanese, I’m familiar with Paulownia tree box and Washi paper.  Never have occurred to me, though, to store chocolates in it!

Senses from Japan Event Led the Way

Three years ago, a group of us were looking for a venue to host a small trunk show, named Senses from Japan. Preferably near Kyoto Art and Antiques, to coincide our show with their warehouse sale. What about Seattle Design Center? Or Nagomi Tea House at Uwajimaya?

After the meeting, we walked into Fran’s Georgetown store which was newly opened. And we all said, “Wow! This is the perfect place!” But how should we approach Fran’s? Over coffee and hot chocolate, we started our discussion again.

Guess who came down the stairs right then…. Fran, the owner! I rushed and introduced myself to her. “As your Japanese Chabako Box represents,…” I asked her if I can propose an event about Japan’s traditional crafts.  Fran, although had never met me before, gave me her business card!

Ikebana Class was Launched

The trunk show in the fall of 2015, became not the only but the first Senses from Japan event at Fran’s.  A year later, we held it again with a tea ceremony demonstration.  Then at the third Senses from Japan event this April, we added Ikebana demonstrations.

“I would love to learn Ikebana, but too bad that there is no class nearby.” When I overheard somebody say that, I took that word as an order.  It was time for me to start teaching Ikebana again.  No more procrastination.

Ikebana Class at Fran’s Chocolates Welcomes You

It is such an honor and joy for me to hold Ikebana classes there. Thank you, Fran, and everybody at Fran’s Chocolates who supports my class.

If you are interested in Ikebana, come join us at Fran’s Chocolates in Georgetown.  Please visit iloveikebana.com/schedule to check out the next class.  I hope to see you there soon!

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