Why Hold Senses from Japan

Photo: courtesy of Brian Chu Photography

Senses from Japan – Spring 2019 is now over.  For those of you who came, thank you very much much!  And many thanks to my dear friends at Chado Urasenke Tankokai Seattle Association who volunteered for the event.

It was surely exhausting, setting up the venue, bringing all the tea utensils, arranging flowers, running around in kimono for full four days, and taking down everything again… Then why do I do this, you may ask.

“My 4-year old daughter remembers making matcha last fall.  She enjoyed so much that she wants to do that again.”

“I’m always hyped and never have felt this calm… Thank you so much!”

“I never knew Japanese tea ceremony has such a profound meaning to it.”

“When I saw a demo it looked so easy, but once I try making tea myself, I realized it takes a good deal of efforts to do simple movements.  Now I appreciate human’s body all the more!”

“Now I’m inspired to make matcha at home!”

These comments give me an energy to keep on going.    Hope to see you next fall!

Photo: Courtesy of Brian Chu Photography

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  1. Koichi Kobayashi

    please consider “Japanese Garden” as one of your categories. This could be coordinated with Nikkei Horizon and JCCCW.

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